Skywalker Rectangle Trampoline for Gymnastics- Review


Trampoline helps to make the people happy and encourages jumping effectively. While performing gymnastics, it helps to increase the coordination, balance, and metabolic rate. It will also improve the density of the bone by relieving you from the osteoporosis.

Skywalker Rectangle Trampoline for Gymnastics- Review

Especially, you can feel free from the heart-related disorders.

Why it suits for gymnastics?

This kind of trampoline is considered to be the best choice for gymnastics because it helps to increase the confident of movement of the body.


The color of the trampoline is available in various attractive colors. It is large in size and the frame is made of galvanized and heavy duty steel. The shape of the trampoline is a rectangle. The maximum weight it can hold is about 200 lbs. It is designed to have T-sockets; which are used to stabilize the upper closure and prevent the structural twisting. The net is attached to the jumping surface of the mat and the gap is eliminated by V-rings. It comprises of W- shaped legs.   


The frame of the trampoline is made of steel and it won’t undergo corrosion easily. It also prevents the enclosure from structural twisting. Both the enclosure, and the spring, is being coated to resist ultraviolet rays. So, it prevents the rays of the sun to enter into the trampoline and protects the users from the harmful radiation of the sun. It costs cheaper than the other trampolines which are available in the market.

This kind of trampoline can be kept in the backyard and can perform the exercises without any single disturbance. As the size of the trampoline seems to be large, even the obese persons can use it without any fear. It is made of the best quality materials so that it won’t get damaged easily.

The mat is coated to resist the ultraviolet rays from the sun and protects the users from the hazards of the harmful rays. The legs are used to provide support to the trampoline.

As the trampoline is made of the weather-resistant materials, it can withstand even during rainy season.


It is considered to be the conventional trampolines, being made of metal, which is said to be not as safe as the spring free trampolines. When your child is using the trampoline, it requires an adult supervision.  Suppose if two or more children are jumping on it, you have to note whether they are identical in height and in weight.  Sometimes, injuries may occur while doing the gymnastics on the trampoline.

Things to note

This kind of trampoline is not recommended for the children below 6 years of age.

Skywalker Rectangle Trampoline for Gymnastics

Key features: Galvanized steel frame, Spring pad attaches.

Pros: Extra wide UV protected spring pad, High quality.

After getting the trampoline, you have to maintain it with proper care. Before using it, you have to follow the instructions on how to use the trampoline. If you like this article, you can share with your friends through social networking sites.